City Break Hostel | Review

Our next destination after Sarajevo was Belgrade. But, because in Sarajevo  we didn’t had a very pleasant experience with the hostel, we decided that this time quality should come before money. Anyhow, we had no idea where we would sleep. We accessed and we were very surprised when we found City Break Hostel with a more than reasonable price. After we watched some photos we decided to book a room there without reading other details or reviews.

Here is what we like about this hostel:

1.The Location

When we reached the destination we had a second pleasant surprise when we realized that the hostel is situated 900 m from the center of Belgrade, near one of the biggest squares – Slavia square. City Break Hostel is actually a duplex located at the 5th floor of a building.When we reached the destination we were very nice surprised about the friendly and funny attitude of the owner who made us feel at home.

2. The Accommodation

City Break Hostels has 6 spacious bedrooms, from which 4 on the first floor and two at the second floor. At the first floor there is a private room with a capacity  for maximum two persons.

We stayed in the room situated on the second floor, with 7 beds where we had a shared  mixed bathroom, air conditioned, lockers and a relaxation area with a LCD TV.

What we liked was that on the ground floor there are two very clean bathrooms, one for ladies and one for men, which are equipped with towels and hair dryers.

3. The Kitchen

Being backpackers and traveling on a budget we used to make our shopping at a 14018115_1397563536937595_1362195983_nsupermarket near the hostel and we cooked in the fully equipped kitchen that the hostel offers.

Coffee and tea was on the house. We had our coffee in the morning on the small terrace that the hostel has, near the entrance.

In order to be sure that we do not lose the connection with the virtual world, the hostel offers free 24/7 wireless and a computer which can be used.

4. The owner

The owner was actually more that only an owner, he was a friend and a guide because he offered us interesting information about places we had to see in Belgrade. And because he recommended us a tour of the city, which was amazing, we decided to stay one more night. This only because of the conditions in the hostel and because of the owner.13940916_1397563790270903_1527714150_n
City Break Hostel it’s not a hostel where you will party, but it is a perfect location to meet other travelers and make you feel like home.

For sure, next time when we will reach Belgrade we will choose the same hostel.

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