Sklep Restaurant and Accommodation | Review


Who would have thought that in a full season, in the middle of the summer, someone can still find some quiet place in Prague ? When we chose  Sklep Restaurant and Accommodation, the main criteria was not to be located in a noisy area.

Situated at less than 1 km from the city center, Sklep Restaurant and Accommodation offers a traditional Czech restaurant and the best beer, Pilsen Urquel draught.

As accommodation, Sklep Restaurant and Accommodation  has everything suitable for anyone, from budget rooms up to appartments. The appartments are of different capacities, from 2 to 10 persons and are equipped with kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The 15 budget rooms have shared kitchen, bathroom and toilet.


We chose a private budget room for two persons and what we liked most in Sklep R&A was:

1. The Location

If you want to be saved from noise, yells and crowded places, then Sklep Restaurant and Accommodation is the best choice because it’s located less than 1 km from the Old Town.

2. Food


Sklep Restaurant, with its Czech traditional cuisine, offers a big variety of food. The breakfast was more than delicious and also very consistent. You have the option to choose what you want to eat, so even if you’re omnivore  or vegetarian, you have a good choice of different types of  food. You can choose to eat in the restaurant or in their summer garden. And even if you travel on a budget, you have the option to cook for yourself in the fully equipped and clean kitchen.

3. Beer bar

What is more Czech than their beer? if you want to experience the Czech spirit, then you need to taste their beers. On the ground floor you will find a beer bar with seven types of beers which comes from both small and big breweries.

4. Their need of improve

All the way during your stay you will be asked for feedback regarding their services, which shows that they want to always please their customers.

No matter if you are a traveler or a tourist, Sklep Restaurant & Accommodation is a good place to feel the Czech spirit and their team will make sure that your staying will be more than pleasant.

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