Lotte-The Backpackers Hostel in Heidelberg | Review

Did it ever happened to you to be in a place for the first time, but still to feel like home ? I felt this for the first time at Lotte-The Backpackers hostel, in Heidelberg.

Lotte-The Backpackers hostel is a new hostel located in the old city center of Heidelberg and offers 8 unique rooms, each one with its own decoration.

The reasons why it is not only a regular hostel, but more like “a home” and why I recommend this hostel it’s because:

1. It is more than a hostel

Lotte, the former owner of this building used to rent these rooms to students. The pieces of furniture that still decorate the rooms makes you feel like you would live in someone’s home.

2. The team

For sure you remember from your childhood the moments when you used to forget your keys at home and your mother would hide them somewhere for you to find them.

This is what the girls did for me because I arrived at the hostel after 2 am. Although the last check in is at 22:00, the girls will take care to guide you to your bed, even if they are not anymore at the reception.

The team is also taking care of you not to have an empty stomach, so you can serve for breakfast cereals, milk, tea, coffee without needing to pay extra.

And even more, if your toothpaste, shampoo or shower gel will be finished, the girls will take care of this as well and offer you new ones, for free.

3. Their way of life

Lotte is Eco friendly, so you will find plenty of messages to protect the nature. For example, under each switch you will be reminded to switch off the lights when you leave; the dishes will be only washed in the dishwashing machine in order not to waste water.

Besides all these, I loved the “take one, leave one” books shelf through which you can exchange books.
4. Cleanliness

One of the most important aspects is the cleanliness. Be it hallway, kitchen or bathroom, everything was as clean as back home.

For me, Lotte was one of the most pleasant experiences when it comes to hostels, so it deserves its title for “the best hostel in Germany”. The difference between Lotte and other hostels is exactly the “home” spirit which you feel and which you see it written through different messages.

If you arrive in Heidelberg, complete your experience with Lotte hostel where you will also have the opportunity to meet other travelers, with nice stories.

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