TOC Hostel-Sevilla | Review


Would you imagine that a hostel, an eight person bedroom could make you feel like home ? I have never imagined this, until I arrived at TOC Hostel, in Seville. And I admit, I said wow for the first time for a hostel.

Since I saw it, right in the middle of Seville, 200 m from The Cathedral, I felt that this hostel is different than the others.


After I arrived, enthusiastic from all the things I have seen on the streets of the city, two very nice girls welcomed me and guided me towards reception. Here, the team from TOC Hostel made me feel welcomed and by telling them that it is my first visit in Seville, they were very happy to recommend me great eating and visiting non-touristic places.

The hostel, with a unique modern interior, it has an advanced security system, so that the entrance in the rooms it’s done with digital fingerprints.

After I quickly done my check-in, one member of the hostel accompanied me to present me the room and the hostel. Ever since the entrance I could notice the cleanliness of all spots, from the entrance to the bed and bathrooms.


I chose a room with 8 very comfortable bunk beds. I received tidy bed sheets and towel, and the fact that I had access to two toilets and two separate showers, made me not feeling that I shared the room with other 4 persons.

On the basemen there is a spacious kitchen where you can choose to eat a delicious breakfast in the morning and a playroom with a PC which you can use. More than this, the kitchen is fully equipped in order to let you cook.

On the ground floor,TOC hostel has a bar which offers from coffee and croissants, to tapas and deserts. Also here, on the ground floor, there is a nice terrace, a special place to enjoy a coffee , have  some nice talks or just read a book.

TOC Hostel is the place where you can meet travelers if you want to, but if you just want to relax, you can also do it, if you want to have an intimate moment, you can have it. Be it that you travel on a budget, or with your family, or if you are a couple, TOC Hostel has something right for everyone.


I only stayed 2 nights, but if I regret something is that I didn’t spent more nights in this hostel which knew how to make me feel like home.

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