Dona Ana Garden, Lagos | Review

What do you choose: hotel, hostel or any other way of sleeping somewhere ? many times you feel like having a place which is similar to “home”, a place of your own where you can quietly sleep, where you can cook or do whatever you like. In Lagos I found this place and it is called Dona Ana Garden.
With an average rate of over 9.5 on, Dona Ana Garden deserves its rating. Since I arrived I was
pleasantly surprised of the green spaces from the yard, of the trees, the flowers and the smell of fresh air. Yes, for the first time I felt like at my grandmother’s place.

I chose a private room and what I was impressed about most is:

The accommodation: my room was spacious, modernly furnished and I had two beds: one for two persons and another smaller one.

The room had own toilet with towels and all other needed stuff.

The room was equipped with fridge, table, nightstand, nightlight, closet, TV, internet connection, air conditioning. It also featured a terrace with a table and two chairs where I had the breakfast. It couldn’t be more comfortable, I had anything I wanted.

The facilities: there was a pool with lots of sunbeds.

The room has self-catering units with kitchenettes with full cooking utensils, including microwave; it has a barbecue at the pool area and private car parking for free.

The location: The apartment is situated about 300 m from the beach and 15 minutes of walking from center, so I had the chance to forget about the noise in the city and relax. Right in front of their location there is a local bus stop.

The atmosphere: the most important thing to me was the atmosphere, the fact that I managed to recharge my batteries for new traveling days. I benefited of quiet time and I managed to enjoy them near the pool, reading.

If you travel in two, or with your family, or if you are alone and want to run away from the crowded places and from the tourists, I recommend you Dona Ana Garden. The team can’t wait to accommodate you and make you feel like home.

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