Casa Caracol, Cadiz | Review

How would it be if you could sleep in the first hostel from the oldest city in Europe ? Well, let me tell you!

In Cadiz I wanted to feel the sea as close as possible, so I chose to spend few nights in Caracol Hostel. The hostel, which is in a continuous expansion and with an over 9 rate on, fully deserves its name and rating. This is what Caracol means, a snail which carries its house on the back.

The first thing which I liked before arriving at the hostel was the bicycle which was situated at the exit of the central station, where I found indications with direction to the hostel.

After a quick check in, I chose a girls room, but what I was most impressed about was:

The stuff: young, beautiful and smiling, the ones from reception were very friendly and they welcomed me with lots of smiles making me feel like home. They also offered me a city map and gave me few recommendations about the city, but also about the places where I can eat good and cheap food.

The accommodation: even though I shared the room with other persons, I had a very comfortable bed and own bathroom. Both the room and the hostel where clean and they were cleaning every day. All the hostel is very simple and beautiful furnished, with live colours.

Breakfast is included in the accommodation price, which consist of american pancakes with jam, milk, cereals, tea and coffee. For a small amount of money you can eat a traditional dinner, cooked by the team.

The facilities: one of the most pleasant facilities was the terrace with hammocks which was inspired by the tropical travels of the owner.

If you want to relax in a hammock or if you want to rent one and sleep in it, or if you only want to share a beer with one or more travelers, the terrace is a big plus of the hostel.

Because Casa Caracol is more than a sleeping place, it also offers you a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook and it offers you beer for 50 cents.

If you want to see the city on a bike, Caracol Hostel offers bikes for rent for an affordable price of only 5 euro. Also here you can find yoga classes, book exchange or lockers.

The location: another big plus of the hostel is the location, being situated in the old city center of the town, right in the heart of Cadiz, only 3 minutes walking to the center. To the beach I walked around 7 minutes.

The atmosphere: the most important aspect for me was the atmosphere, the fact that I managed to meet a lot of wonderful people, on a very nice background music – all these because of Casa Caracol.

If you want to meet people or if you want to relax, Casa Caracol has something to offer for everyone.

If you are a backpacker and if you want to feel the true vagabonding and travel spirit, I recommend you Casa Caracol with all the trust, a hostel which is more than only a place to sleep.

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