Bed Station Hostel, Bangkok | Review

I have to admit that being the first time when we leave Europe, we were quite nervous. We didn’t know what kind of people to expect on the other side of the world, we didn’t know about their culture, we knew almost nothing. All the uncertainty led to mixed emotions. When we chose the place where we would sleep for the following nights, we looked for a hostel in a good area, as close as possible to the city center. That’s how we found Bed Station Hostel.


Bed Station Hostel, as their web page says, it’s located in the center of Bangkok, only 2 minutes walking from Ratchathewi BTS station. At first we thought it is something industrial, but the hostel is very friendly and cozy, and the team will make you feel comfortable during your stay.



The hostel is built on more levels and on the ground floor they have the reception and the bar, which are opened for everybody. Everything was very nice Christmassy decorated, with lights and globes and a Christmas tree, meant to make you feel like home.


We choose a six persons bedroom and we liked most:

The accommodation: although we choose to share a room with other 4 persons, this was very spacious. The air conditioning in the room was a blessing for the outside temperature. The beds were equipped with clean bed linen and with a curtain in order to offer you privacy in our own bed.


Each floor has a toilet and a sink, and the showers are located at the fourth floor. They are equipped with hair dryers.


Beside the restaurant and the bar, on the first floor of the hostel you can find a common area with few PCs connected to internet, books to read and games to play. It is the perfect place if you want to relax, work or have a beer.


Cleanliness: starting with the halls and with the ground floor and finishing with the toilets and the rooms, the hostel was very clean. They have a person who is cleaning all the time.

The team: since we walked in on the front door, all the fear and anxiety which we had until then were gone. Everybody was in a good mood and smiling. The Bed Station team is always making sure that you feel comfortable and satisfied with their services.

The food: breakfast is included in the price and it is delicious: we had fruits, toast, jam, butter, cereals and milk. Coffee, tea and snacks are available for whole day. If you want to try Thai food, the reception team will help you order it from a nearby restaurant and have it delivered straight to the hostel.

In a big city as Bangkok it is pretty difficult to find a perfect budget accommodation and feel as a local. But Bed Station Hostel managed to make it, they made us feel not only like home, but also part of it. I recommend with trust this hostel.





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