Strips the Poshtel-hostel in Chiang Mai

After a few days spent in a big city as Bangkok, where no matter how much we wanted to walk, we were forced to use public transportation because of long distances, the first criteria that we had when choosing a hostel in Chiang Mai was its location. This is how we found Strips the Poshtel, a hostel which has 9.3 rating on Hostelworld and is situated in downtown of Chiang Mai, only 5 minutes from the Night Bazaar.


At Strips the Poshtel you can choose between private rooms, mixed dormitories or shared female room. We chose to spend the nights in a private room with own bathroom. After we spent two nights there, we loved most:

1. The team: right before arrival they sent us indications with the location of their hostel and they made sure that everything is all right. After our arrival, we received an email from them, informing us that their team is at our disposal if we need any help. More, they helped us a lot in organizing our days in Chiang Mai and they made our staying very pleasant. For example, they arranged for us a trip to Elephant Family Care. All the time while we stayed there, the guys from reception were smiling and being friendly. When we left, because we couldn’t enjoy the breakfast, they packed it for us.


2. The facilities: be it private or mixed room, these are equipped with air conditioning and we received towels from the very beginning. Breakfast is included in the price and the big advantage is that, except the usually milk and cereals or toast with jam, Strips the Poshtel offers traditional breakfast with sticky rice or omelet. More, if you are vegetarian, they will adapt their menu. By the way, their food is very good. Because the tap water is not too healthy, at this  hostel you can drink as much water as you want, because they bottled water for free. During the day you can eat biscuits or drink coffee and tea on their terrace.



Their kitchen is big and very well equipped, so you can cook your own food if you are not a big fan of Thai cuisine. On the first floor they have the mixed rooms, the bathrooms, the terrace and a common area where you can watch TV, read or play different games.


3. Cleanliness: All the way during our stay there we saw personnel cleaning. So, the rooms, the bathrooms and the kitchen were very clean. The room that we choose was very quiet compared to the mixed rooms, so we finally got to rest after all the agitation in Bangkok.


As a conclusion, our staying at Strips the Poshtel was very good, we managed to get the quiet time that we needed and we also met other travelers and exchange lots of ideas. If you travel in Chiang Mai, this hostel is the right choice for accommodation.

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