My best sunset at RLYC

I remember even now how I was walking last summer in the port of Monaco, admiring the yachts and I imagined how beautiful it would be to have the chance to sleep on one and float on the ocean. All these huge boats made me dream and they were sending me freedom and power feelings. I was imagining how great it would be to wake up with the sun in my front, its rays shining on the boat and me being surrounded by sea and dolphins.


In less than half a year, on the other side of the world, in Langkawi, our favourite island in Malaysia, we had the chance to spend some nights at RLYC – Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.  Since we arrived we were impressed by this place, by the yachts parked in the marina, by the swimming pool (we couldn’t wait to swim in it) and by the variety of the restaurants.


But, please let us introduce you to this wonderful world of RLYC. The club contains three divisions: a yacht club; a commercial part, called Fisherman’s Wharf and a hotel.

1.Yacht Club

RLYC is the premier marina in Malaysia and a major destination for yachts and super yachts visiting Malaysia. RLYC is also the home and host of the Royal Langkawi International Regatta (RLIR) since 2003, which has driven in more than 400 yachts over the years with more than 3900 participants from 20 countries and is the major Regatta in the country (contrary to popular belief, it is much larger than the Monsoon Cup) .

The truth is that our mornings in RLYC were different from other ones, because we were waking up with the yachts in front of us. We would spend the evenings watching the sun becoming more and more red and disappearing behind the boats, in the sea. I love sunsets and here I had the chance to see the most beautiful ones so far.


We were privileged enough to have a walk on the pontoon and have a close look at the impressive and luxurious yachts parked in the marina.

2.Fisherman’s Wharf

Spread over three floors, Fisherman’s Wharf Langkawi is an ideal sea front development consisting of:

First floor– Commercial, Retail and Hotel operations (35 rooms);

Ground Floor– Retail and Restaurant outlets;

Lower Ground– Yacht Cruising Charter Offices and Charlie’sYacht Club Restaurant.

From fine dining to casual or lunch-to-go as you pass by on your way to other activities in the Marina, the restaurants on Fisherman’s Wharf provide a unique dining experience. All restaurants on the Wharf are open daily. Fisherman’s Wharf Langkawi brings together a variety of restaurants to create a unique and multicultural experience that appeals to a broad spectrum of visitors from around the world. Fisherman’s Wharf and the new Yacht Club Hotel is also an ideal venue for weddings or for other events and private parties as well.


The breakfast was included, and each morning we had an open buffet with lots of goodies, offered by Charlie’s Restaurant: natural juice, cooked meals (rice, omelet, sausages, beans, etc) croissants, butter, yogurts, cereals desserts, etc. And all these, nicely arranged on the tables at the terrace with sea and yachts view. The food is fresh and delicious.


We also had an amazing lunch in Charlie’s, consisting of a tomato cream soup, lovely fish & chips and, of course, a very well deserved dessert, a blueberry cream cheese which was absolutely amazing.


   3.Yacht Club Hotel

The hotel offers 44 rooms from Courtyard, Skylight, Sea view and Hill view rooms. The Fisherman’s Wharf is fully committed to make this new development a new epicentre of tourism in Langkawi and ensure the success of its business partners. The hotel is in fact the only Yacht Club hotel on the island.

We had a courtyard view room which was very spacious, clean and had air conditioning, with own bathroom with hot shower.



One of the most beautiful facility of the hotel is the swimming pool with sea view. It was amazing to swim in it and see the impressive yachts at few meters distance.


For all those traveling to Langkawi and want to spend a unique and unforgettable experience, and all those who love sunsets, I truly recommend RLYC. I guarantee you will have the most beautiful mornings here!



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