Capsule Hopping in Singapore

What this button do? What about this one? And the other one? Look, there is another one.

Before going in a certain destination, I try to make a list with the things that I want to experience. And because Singapore is known as a futuristic city, we really wanted to try to sleep in capsule hotels. For the ones that are not familiar with this concept, a capsule hotel also known as a pod hotel, is a type of hotel developed in Japan that features a large number of extremely small “rooms” (capsules) intended to provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require the services offered by more conventional hotels.

On the other hand, I must admit that we were a little bit scared of the thought of sleeping in a very small space where we couldn’t see the natural light in the morning. Despite all of these, we really wanted to try this experience. We stayed so far in hotels, in hostels, in guest houses and in apartments, but because we had no previous experience with PODS, we didn’t know what to expect to.

Even though we were sceptical regarding the privacy, the greatest feature of them all the private curtain installed on each capsule.  Each bed had a curtain at the entrance of the capsule that could be pulled, allowing some private space to be made instantly.

  1. MET A SPACE @Little India

Met a Space was the first accommodation that was about to introduce us in the world of pods. Before other introductions, we need to admit that we were impressed of these small futuristic spaceships. After arriving in our capsule, the first 10 minutes we spent pushing the buttons, changing the intensity and the colours of the light and testing the smart TV. This opened our appetite of curiosity in regards to what we could find more on the following capsules that we would stay in.

Met a Space Pod
Our pod at Met a Space @Little India

What I loved the most at this capsule was the space, we had a double bed which was actually king size, allowing us to comfortably sleep, turn and keep a few things near us. It was also quiet and these things made us feel like in a hotel.

Pod at Met a Space
The exterior of our capsule

MET A Space Pod offers accommodation conveniently located in the heritage district of Little India, just 700 m from the 24-hour shopping mall, Mustafa Centre. It features a common lounge area for guests to relax, and provides free WiFi access throughout the property. At MET A Space Pod, guests can find a 24-hour snack bar while complimentary breakfast is served daily.

Breakfast at Met a Space @Little India
Our yummy breakfast

The team is very welcoming and smiling and they offered us a lot of recommendations about Singapore.

Reception at Met a Space
Reception at Met a Space
  1. MET A SPACE @Boat Quay

MET A Space Pod is located in the heart of Singapore about 600 m from Raffles Place Station so if you are like me, passionate about architecture, landscapes and city walks, Boat Quay is the perfect accommodation for you.

Fully-equipped space pods have air conditioning and are fitted with personal TVs, power sockets, mirrors and USB charging stations. All rooms have windows and complimentary high-quality towels are provided. At MET A Space Pod, you will find 24-hour snack bar.

Kitchen at Met a Space
Kitchen at Met a Space

At the attic they have a fully equipped kitchen which can be used by the guests. The breakfast is complex, containing of nutella, peanut butter, jam, bread, eggs, cereals, milk, juices, hot dogs, etc. Because of the kitchen and because of the fact that we were able to cook, I can say we had a unique experience. The pods, as we already got used to, were very comfortable and there was quiet in the room.

Our perfect pod
Our spaceship
  1. The Pod @ Beach Road Boutique Capsule Hotel

Located within walking distance of Singapore’s Arab Quarter, which includes the shopping area of Haji Lane and culturally rich Arab Street The Pod @ Beach Road Boutique Capsule Hotel is a chic property featuring capsule bedding with personal lockers.

When we arrived at the reception, we were greeted by a nice team of smiling people, but also by some futuristic features, like self-check in counters as the ones you can see in the airports.

self check in
Self check in machines.

After 3 days of staying in capsules that looked like spaceships (which we loved), the rooms of The Pod @ Beach Road Boutique Capsule Hotel, even if it is based on the same POD principle, felt more homey because of the wood interior finish, which was making it look warmer. We even had a small desk and a chair in our room, which made working on laptop easier.

wooden pod
Our wooden pod

Another nice thing which we really loved was the breakfast, a really consistent open buffet with everything that you would wish to eat: milk, juice, cereals, croissants, jam, butter, peanut butter, beans, corn, espresso machine for self-making delicious cappuccinos or espressos and many other delicious things.

Another privacy highlight were the toilets: 8 individual showers with toilet and sink on our floor, which made you not to wait long until one is free to be used.

Bathroom zone
Bathroom zone

Even if it is a POD, this place has it all for everybody, from backpackers to business persons. Oh, let’s not forget the 4 pods with laptops which can be used by the guests.

  1. Cube-Boutique Capsule Hotel

Perfectly located in the heart of China Town and very close to Clarke Quay, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay, Cube-Boutique Capsule Hotel offers some comfortable capsules with wood finished interior and safe locker under each of them. Privacy is at its best, as you can close yourself in like in a cocoon. Toilets are also individual and you can find plenty of them on each floor and they feature shower, toilet and sink. Sofas and tables can be found at each floor, offering a great working space for digital nomads or anybody who wants to sit down, quietly.

Oure cubestay

For the mornings we had a great open buffet breakfast, consisting of a variety of choices: milk, cereals, juice, bread, butter, jam, traditional fried noodles and rice, coffee, etc.

Open buffet breakfast
Open buffet breakfast

Opposite of reception was a boutique bar where you can enjoy cocktails, craft beers and coffees. Newspapers are available at the reception, an old school practice which, in the middle of technology era, will be appreciated by lots of you.

Boutique Bar at Cubestay
Boutique Bar at Cube Boutique Capsule Hotel

A customised abode for social explorers, 5footway.inn is one the largest boutique hostel chain in Singapore and one of our favourites POD.  More than this, it is the first and only hostel in Singapore to be SQC certified. Singapore Quality Class is the certification for Business Excellence standards and it recognises organisations which meet high standards of good performance.

Besides the fact that is perfectly situated in the Central Business District, 5 FOOtWAY.INN is a place where inquisitive, witty and fun-loving people dwell. They want their hostel to be the vessel for our cultural exploration in Singapore. They want to tell the Singapore story through the different touch points and encourage our explorers to be curious about Singapore’s unique heritage and experience the cultural landscapes of Singapore through untinted lenses to gather creative insights.

Pod Terrace

It was interesting that we were fascinated about the walls and about touching the buttons inside the capsules even after all the days we spent inside them and we were excited to be sergeants in all of them.

Did you ever sleep in a POD? Or would you like to sleep in one?

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