Koyao Island Resort- A piece of Paradise

One of the islands we decided to visit in Thailand was Koh Yao Noi, situated in the famous archipelago of Phang Nga Bay. Phang Nga Bay national park is a geological wonder filled with islets, sunken caverns and formation rising vertically from the sea. It is one of the most beautiful places in the southern Thailand. Some 10.000 years ago, when sea levels were lower, one could walk from Phuket to Krabi. With such amazing surroundings, we chose to accommodate at Koyao Island Resort, place where we spent a few perfect days and which I would now call Little Paradise.

Koyao Island Resort is surrounded by lovely, sandy beaches, rain forests and uninhabited islands in a place where mass tourism and hotels are far away and the original Thai hospitality has free reign.

Since we arrived we were greeted by a very well trained management team, always at our disposal and, of course, always smiling. Let’s not forget we were in The Land of Smiles. After we refreshed with a cherries welcoming drink, we were taken tour rooms. Because at Koyao Island Resort all rooms are private bungalows spread out across the domain and each villa faces the beach for stunning views over the bay, our room was actually a family beach villa with a large veranda.

Our bungalow at Koyao
Our bungalow at Koyao Island Resort

Situated at only a few steps from the beach and from the ocean, we were surrounded by palm trees, by gecko lizard sounds and bird songs. In such a wonderful place, the mornings were perfect, especially when we were woken up by the rays of sun which were brightening our room. The veranda was the perfect place to watch the sunrises.

Sunrise at Koyao Island Resort
Sunrise at Koyao Island Resort

Our spacious villa had a large comfortably furnished living space and 2 sleeping areas including one master bedroom that opens up to the living space with stunning sea views over the garden.

Our room with a queen size bed
Our room with a queen size bed
View from our room

Also, we had a private family garden bathroom with shower area and bathtub for added luxury. The bathroom was very clean and modern, but our favourite was the shower, because it was surrounded by plants and it felt so exotic.

Garden bathroom with shower
Our garden bathtub
Our garden bathtub

The amenities and the linens were high quality and the bed was perfect. We had plenty of complimentary bottles with water. The design of the resort is a traditional Thai architectural style which blends graciously into a coconut palm setting and, with natural palm leaf roofs which do not retain the heat and, along with the sea breeze, keep the villas nice and cool.

The management team works hard to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy your stay there and they offer various activities:

–          Free kayaking

–          Free mountain bikes

–          Renting motorcycles

–          Free yoga classes twice a week

–          Complimentary management cocktail

–          Weekly complimentary boat trip to Phang Nga Bay National Park

–          Library

–          Traditional game sets, free of use:  badminton, volleyball, different bat and ball games.

Sea kayak is a natural approach to visit the uninhabited islands and the largest untouched bays nearby.  We enjoyed paddling the kayaks on the sea, watching the sunset.

Kayaking on Andaman sea
Kayaking on Andaman sea

On our last day, we had the two hours boat trip and it was so nice to explore a few islands from the national park, to see a lagoon, to snorkel, to swim and to take a few postcards photos.

Complimentary trip
Complimentary boat trip

The swimming pool which offers spectacular views over the Andaman Sea and the scenic Pakoh Islands is a highlight of the resort, because when there was low tide in the sea, we preferred to swim in the pool. The view towards the karst in the bay was absolutely fantastic; the best moment to watch them is in the afternoon, after the sunset. The lounge chairs were spread out under the trees and we also had 10 minutes of complimentary massage.

The view towards the karst in the bay
The view towards the karst in the bay
Koyao infinity pool
Having fun
Having fun
My favourite swing
My favourite swing

The breakfast buffet was delicious and diversified, with a lot of Thai, American and European food. We also received every morning a healthy drink.

Breakfast time
What to choose?

In addition, there are other facilities which make this place perfect.

The resort has a restaurant called Pum Pui and a Gecko Bar. At the Gecko Bar you can enjoy light snacks, juices and creative cocktails. Overlooking the pool, gardens and beach, this is the ideal spot to take a break from the sun or to take a pre or post dinner drink.

Pum Pui Restaurant
Pum Pui Restaurant

SPA– the SPA offers the ultimate in relaxation and wellness in a stunning tropical setting. There are 2 separate, air conditioned treatment rooms, each equipped with two massage beds.


Wedding and Honeymoon

The setting is ideally suited for small weddings and romantic honeymoons. Surrounded by the deep blue ocean, white sands, coconut palms and spectacular sunsets, it is secluded, romantic, and stunning for an ideal Thailand honeymoon or break away wedding. If you ask me, I would like to say YES on the beach, on a tropical island, under the shining sun and bright blue sky.

View over the sea
View over the sea

We’ve greatly enjoyed our stay at this piece of paradise called Koyao Island Resort and we had such an amazing, relaxing and peaceful stay here. We definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to disconnect from the daily life and reconnect with the nature because Koyao Island Resort is a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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