Hilltop Hotel-Accommodation with a view

Previous time when we visited Thailand, in December, we were only in Bangkok and in the north part of the country. As my parents wanted to visit me and because I found the cheapest flight for them to Phuket, this was a great opportunity to explore the south of the country and its islands.

Because we were four persons now and my parents were arriving after a 10 hour drive in Germany and an 11 hours flight to Phuket, we looked for a place to offer us comfort and privacy in the same time. We found Hilltop Hotel which is located, as the name says, on a hill, overlooking the city and with a lovely view of the ocean.

View over the city and the ocean
View over the city and the ocean

When we arrived, we parked our scooters in basement parking of the building and headed to the reception. The reception is a small office included in the nice bar. There is also a nice billiard table and they organize championships with their guests, with the results written on a board, in the bar. It is a great place to enjoy an afternoon beer or cocktail.

billiard table
billiard table

We were taken to our rooms and we were amazed when they opened the door and showed us to apartments, mirror displayed and connected with a door. In each apartment we had a king size bed, a big toilet, a big living room with a couch, a desk and a fridge.

The highlight was the balcony, with the view to the swimming pool and ocean, where we used to spend our evenings over some nice talks, enjoying a beer and cocktail. Toiletries are included: teeth paste and teeth brush, soap, shampoo, cotton buds, after sun powder, razor blade.

View from our balcony
View from our balcony

Hilltop Hotel features a very nice interior yard with lots of plants and a nice swimming pool with sun beds, where we relaxed every afternoon.

In the morning, after a very relaxing overnight sleep, we headed down for breakfast. It is served on the terrace of the restaurant, with the same incredible view to the ocean. It is not a buffet, but you can enjoy a lot of choices from their a la carte menu and it is more than enough to keep you fed until lunch.

My favourite pancakes with Nutella
My favourite pancakes with Nutella

During the day we were usually going out to explore the island and returning in the evening for another treatment which the hotel has: the Jacuzzi located on the roof of the building, offering a great view over the colored rooftops of the buildings from the city and to the ocean. It was the greatest relaxation we could have after a long day of exploring, a nice water massage to the tired bodies. With a view!

We really enjoyed our staying in Hilltop Hotel and we could recommend it to anyone going in Phuket. Don’t miss the great views which this place has.

12 thoughts on “Hilltop Hotel-Accommodation with a view

  1. Hilltop is indeed a great hotel. The Jacuzzi on the rooftop with such beautiful view is definitely a seller.


  2. Beautiful pictures! I’m heading to Phuket this winter and will definitely check this hotel out!


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