Our Endless Summer in Lombok

The 4th island that we chose to explore in Indonesia was Lombok. This island is blessed with white sand beaches, good surf spots, a lot of nature with forests, waterfalls, hiking trails through rice fields and spices plantations. With so many activities ahead of us, we chose to start the exploration from Kuta, but in the same time we wanted to stay in a place which would be away from the crowds, but still having an easy access to the beaches and street food stands. We found The Endless Summer Resort to be the perfect spot to meet our needs.

The Endless Summer Resort is located 15 min from Kuta (around 10 km) on a secluded hill with uninterrupted stunning view of Bumbang Bay, overlooking Gerupuk surf spot and Tunak National Park. If you can’t drive a scooter, don’t worry about getting to there, just inform them in advance and they will send a car to pick you up from the town or from the airport, free of charge. We didn’t plan our picking up with them, because usually we rent a scooter wherever this is possible. But after facing some problems with a stubborn owner of a scooter rental company which didn’t want to rent us a scooter, we made a quick call to Endless Summer Resort and in 15 min they came to pick us with a van and a smiling and helpful driver. This service is also offered for the guests two times a day, from and to the resort.

Once we arrived up the hill and entered the domain, an incredible view of the ocean, with its high cliffs and big, crazy waves took our breath. We were greeted with a healthy juice made on the sport from fresh fruits and we exchanged a few words with the reception manager. He told us that the resort just opened in December and there are still small things to do around, but we were assured that they are doing the best they can to make the stay of their guests as pleasant as possible. We were so absorbed by the view and by the lovely swimming pool with its wooden deck, that it was hard for us to concentrate to the discussion.

We were taken to our room, which actually is a stand alone villa with private balcony, offering a stunning ocean view. The room was big, very spacious with a double bed with high quality mattress and linens. Wooden floors are enriching the blend of modern and ethnic traditional style. All villas have AC, western toilets, hot water showers and are non-smoking. The balcony had two rattan chairs and a nice table, so we immediately sat down to take our breath and continue to watch the ocean for a few minutes.

This balcony was just perfect!
This balcony was just perfect!
View from our bed
View from our bed

We arranged a scooter rental with the reception because we wanted to go out and explore. Of course, not before having a swim in the lovely infinity pool. After a swim we relaxed a bit on the lounge chairs from the pool deck. Pool towels are included for each guest, so you don’t have to use the ones from the room.

After a relaxing night sleep, we woke up with the sun on our faces and with the stunning view of which we couldn’t get enough. We went down to the restaurant for the breakfast, which comes in a small buffet comprising of bread, butter, jam, peanut butter and coconut spread. The juice of the day is served in the same manner as the welcoming drink, made on the spot, good, healthy and refreshing. Additionally, we had the choice to order from the kitchen eggs, porridge and fruits. The breakfast is good and enough to keep you safe until lunch. Breakfast is included in the accommodation. The restaurant also offers a blend of Indonesian and western food and drinks. All these, combined with the ocean view from the terrace and with the laidback atmosphere makes it a lovely place to have your lunch here, or a dinner with a sunset session.

We spent two amazing nights in The Endless Summer Resort and we can for sure recommend this place to anyone traveling to Kuta, Lombok.

Have you been to Kuta, Lombok? If yes, where did you stay?

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