The Garden House Resort

Our first destination in Vietnam was Phu Quoc, a very busy but beautiful island in Vietnam. Phu Quoc,  a pearl island and one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, enchants travelers with beautiful beaches, amazing streams, primeval forests, and immense pepper gardens which wants to become the Singapore of Vietnam. The old airport is in process of becoming a big harbour which can receive huge cruise ships with tourists.

Because of this development process, the island is bustling with resorts and luxury hotels. We always wanted to do a resorts hopping, so this was the perfect place to do it.

Our first stop was The Garden House Resort, a resort located only 3.2 km South of one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches of the island- Dinh Ba Beach. Tucked away from the crowdy streets filled with trucks and scooters, close to the old airport, we easily arrived in this amazing place. We were greeted at the reception by a nice and smiley stuff who gave us cold water on ice, the best welcoming drink when you are literally dehydrated from sweating on the heat. After the formalities were done, another employee took our backpacks on a trolley.

We followed the man with the trolley and we reached an intersection of alleys with signs pointing directions to various places: restaurant, volley field, swimming pool, bar, billiard.

Where to go?
Where to go?

We just realised that the place is huge, it stretches on 4 ha of land and offers a choice of six house types: Garden View Room with Kitchen, Superior Garden View Room Room with Kitchen , Superior Family Garden View Room with Kitchen , Mountain View Room with Kitchen, Mountain View Villa with Kitchen, Wooden Villa with Kitchen (2 Bedrooms). The best part is that all the houses are designed with the combination of luxury and tradition with home appliances.

Our garden house
Our garden house

We arrived in the house, a real house with a huge living room furnished with a dining table with chairs and a tea table on the opposite side. The living room is the perfect area for family activities. It is designed with big window panes to allow the sunlight and the tranquil forest atmosphere to flow into the room.

Living room in The Garden Resort
Living room in The Garden Resort

A fully equipped and huge kitchen with all the needed utensils was at our disposal and we even cooked a delicious rice with vegetables.

Dinner in The Garden Resort
Dinner in The Garden Resort

On the back of the kitchen there is a door which leads you outside, in the back of the house in a nice garden. On the right side of the kitchen there is a utility space with a washing machine where you can freely do your laundry and a service toilet.

The best spot of the house was hiding behind a door in the huge living room: the dormitory. We entered and we were amazed: a huge bed, a big wooden closet, a tea table and two chairs, small fridge with complimentary water and a flat screen television.

Another favourite part was the bathroom, huge in size and composed from 3 rooms: in the middle there was the sink, with a huge mirror and plenty of space to keep your cosmetics, on the right side it was the toilet and on the left side, separated by a glass door there were the showers, two of them: one an inside shower and one build outside, roofless and surrounded by plants, simulating a small garden.

The perfect bathroom
The perfect bathroom

After accommodating with our new home for the following 3 days, we went for a swim in the huge swimming pool. We are perfecting our swimming techniques and this was a great place to do it: wide and long enough to allow us to do long distance swims.

In the morning we headed to the restaurant, which is an open space one and is very big. The breakfast is an open buffet and there are lots of choices to feed your hungry morning stomach.

Opposite of the restaurant and very close to the swimming pool is an open bar with a billiard table which can be used by the guests. On the back of the restaurant there is a volleyball field.

After breakfast we went out to explore the surroundings with two bicycles which are offered free of charge to the resort’s guests.

We had an amazing time at The Garden House Resort and the big house made us feel really good, making us dream of an own house in the future.We recommend this place to anyone visiting Phu Quoc and searching for a relaxing and clean spot.

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