Ocean Pearl Hotel in Phu Quoc

After spending almost one week in two resorts on Phu Quoc island, we decided to stay for our last 3 nights there in a hotel. That’s how we chose Ocean Pearl, a one year old 4 star hotel situated in the heart of Phu Quoc’s cultural area. The hotel is famous for its twin buildings facing each other and it offers a panoramic view of the mountains and of the sea. Because of its facilities, it is Continue reading


OZO Wesley in Hong Kong

When we visited Hong Kong we chose to stay in a conveniently located hotel which would allow us to easily access the local transportation means in order to explore the city properly. This is one of the reasons why we chose OZO Wesley . Bus and tram stations are right in front of the hotel, it is situated between two MTR stations, Admiralty and Wan Chai, each of them at 5 minutes walking distance and if you are visiting Continue reading

Nusa Penida- un Paradis Nedescoperit

Teritoriul Indoneziei este grupat pe aproximativ 17.000 de insule, așa că ai putea cu ușurință să petreci acolo câțiva ani explorând insulele. Dintre acestea, unele sunt cunoscute datorită vieții de noapte și a petrecerilor (Bali), altele sunt cunoscute datorită plajelor minunate, unele sunt cunoscute datorită dragonilor (Komodo), unele sunt locuite, iar altele sunt Continue reading