OZO Wesley in Hong Kong

When we visited Hong Kong we chose to stay in a conveniently located hotel which would allow us to easily access the local transportation means in order to explore the city properly. This is one of the reasons why we chose OZO Wesley . Bus and tram stations are right in front of the hotel, it is situated between two MTR stations, Admiralty and Wan Chai, each of them at 5 minutes walking distance and if you are visiting the city because of one of the many international trade fairs, then OZO Wesley is the perfect hotel for you as it is situated within 15 minutes walking distance to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. And when the presentation on their website invites you to a “stylishly designed urban accommodation for on-the-go global nomads right at the heart of every action”, then you just go.

Easy to spot from the street because of the stylish decorated entrance, we walked in in the SPOT area.


We were absolutely surprised of the design of this huge place. Its wooden stripes decorated walls and ceiling in combination with the red colour decorations which are perfectly thrown here and there (a few seats, a small wall, etc), and then the modern reception desk – all these made us love the place from the very first moment we entered in. The SPOT is comprised of the contact area; the kiosk with snacks, coffee, food to go; the connect area where you can sit, connect to wi-fi and chat with others.

The check-in process was done quickly, everything electronic, paper free. The front desk operator offered us a map and pointed out the main attractions in the area and also a few others which we had in mind. More than this, in the reception area there are two interactive screens which gives you endless information of the area, everything at the touch of a fingertip.

We then went to our room and we loved everything about it. In Hong Kong the spaces are usually small, but our 20 sqm room was designed in a perfect way that maximised the usage of each corner, throwing away that claustrophobia feeling.

The bed was the most comfortable one we ever slept in. As they put accent on quality, not quantity, the beds are no exception from this rule: high quality bed linen, soft pillows and a perfect mattress in which we sank. But the best spot in the room was the reading area from the window, with the view of the Hong Kong’s mountains, a perfect corner to read or work on your laptop.

Needless to say that the windows are sound proof and they have curtains to shut you down for the night. We even selected the sleep mode program on the TV, with relaxing music and “jumping sheep” on the screen. Welcoming tea and water, wi-fi, flat screen TV, safe, fridge are among the facilities of the rooms.

OZO Wesley is creative when naming their facilities: TALK, is the meeting and conferences room, situated at the second floor; TONE is the gym, which has all the facilities for a proper work out and is situated also at the second floor. ZAAN is the restaurant, located at the first floor.

TONE room
TONE room
ZAAN room
ZAAN room

The breakfast buffet is amazing, with a big variety of foods from Asian to Western choices and an espresso corner, all these in order to boost you energy for the day. It suits the needs of anyone with dim sum, fried rice, noodles, eggs, sausage, baked beans, milk, cereals, yogurt, delicious choices of pastry and fresh juices and smoothies.

We really enjoyed this place and we felt in love with it, it was our quiet place in a bustling and noisy city and we could have spent our days just lying in the comfy bed. We can truly recommend OZO Wesley to anyone visiting Hong Kong.

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