A majestic experience at The Majestic Hotel-Kuala Lumpur

On our returning to Asia we stopped for two nights in Kuala Lumpur because we felt in love with this city last year, we have dear friends there and it’s a perfect point for connecting flights. This time we accommodated at the fabulous Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This travel article describes our experience of our stay at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur comprises of two buildings: the Majestic Wing, which is the original historic hotel building, built in a colonial style, and the new Tower Wing which was built a few years ago through a massive renovation. The Majestic Wing features luxurious suites decorated in vintage style combined with tastefully decorated furnishings, while the Tower Wing offers guestrooms and suites with a more contemporary design.


LRM_EXPORT_20180806_131937_1024x683     We arrived in the afternoon and the check-in process was quick. We had a colonial suite in the Majestic Wing with a lovely and quiet view over the city.


The Colonial Suite is the basic suite in the Majestic Wing. Of course, they offer even more luxurious style in this wing: the Governor Suite and two Majestic Suites. Our suite was incredibly spacious for two persons, comprising of a bedroom with an immense queen size bed, super comfortable mattress and pillows, a working desk and a very spacious wardrobe.


The access to the bathroom is done from the bedroom. The bathroom is incredible, featuring a big rain shower and a separate detached bath tube.


The separate living room was big, with a dining/tea table and comfortable sofas and armchairs and another big working desk. Oh, and a free minibar including even a capsule espresso machine.


The tea lounge



The British afternoon tea is a big thing in The Majestic Hotel. The Colonial Café where the tea is served is located in the Majestic Wing and the tea lounge has a classic design which will please your eyes. The service is impeccable from the beginning until the end and it will start with English tea and continue with a tray of sandwiches and sweets, more than enough for two people. If you’ve never had a proper English afternoon tea, we truly recommend this experience.




The restaurants

We dinned in the Colonial Café and we had breakfast in the Contango. Both experiences were amazing and we can recommend them to anyone. The dinner was served a la carte and there were only a few options for vegetarians, but quite enough for our taste. Again, the service is impeccable, the presentation of the food is amazing and they have a great selection of wines.


The breakfast in the Contango is amazing. We’ve been to quite a lot of hotels and we can easily say that this was the richest breakfast we’ve seen so far. They offer a big option of Asian dishes, along with Western food as well.




We loved their waffles and fresh made pancakes and the fresh fruits juices. The eggs are made on a so called Egg Station. An espresso bar is also available for the guests, serving espressos and espresso based drinks like cappuccino, latte, etc. There’s not a thing missing from the breakfast served in Contango.


Gym, swimming pools and Spa

There’s a fully equipped gym available for the guests to use. The apples, water and candies are on the house. We did try the equipment and we had fun inside. After the gym, what can be more relaxing than enjoying the outdoor swimming pool? Located at the 4th floor, right near the gym, the pool has some very comfortable sunbeds and a decent size.


There’s another swimming pool located on the Majestic Wing side, in front of the Spa centre.


One of the highlights of our staying was a good, relaxing treat at The Majestic Spa of 2.5 hours which started with a Foot and Scalp massage and continued with the Malay Golden Chersonese treatment – a tribute to traveller Isabella Lucy Bird’s trip through the Malay Peninsula, a unique experience including Banana Honey hair Masque, Malay Herbs Scrub (cinnamon, rice and coconut milk), Lime Blossom Bath, and Bunga Rampai full body massage.






It was a memorable experience and it was quite hard to leave, especially with this professional services, friendly and very polite staff who made us feel so welcomed. If you ever want to experience the life of a colonial British governor, this has got to be it.

After this amazing experience, we can recommend to everybody The Majestic Kuala Lumpur. It has very well trained staff with impeccable attitude and it offers so many services that one can’t get bored in his room waiting for the afternoon to pass. No, it makes you go out of the room and explore all the areas of the hotel.


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