Where to eat in Ubud?

Mexican Meal

If you plan a trip to Ubud, Bali, or if you are already there, most probably you will be surprised by the numerous restaurants that you can find here. From traditional food like Gado-Gado and up to western food like italian pizza, in Ubud you will find anything you want.

One of the things I appreciated most in Ubud was the fact that they are a lot into healthy food. So, it doesn’ matter if you are omnivore and want to eat chicken meat, or if you are vegetarian or even raw vegan, Ubud is the city that has them all, especially because of the high number of tourists that choose to spend their holidays in Bali.

Fruits market
Fruits market

For me, one of the best places where I use to do the shopping and eat, was the market. You can find there fruits, vegetables and fresh juices, all at very good prices. But sometimes, I was feeling that I need something different, I missed Continue reading